Melanie Julison's Admissions Chats

    Hi! I'm Melanie, an admissions counselor, and I'm really excited to meet you. Please note that I am the admissions counselor for students from all Community Colleges (besides College of Lake County, Harper College, and Oakton Community College), students from 4-year colleges and universities in Illinois, and all transfer international students (international students that are in colleges or universities in the U.S. or outside of the U.S.). I'm also the admissions counselor for all First-Year Spring applicants, and for all international students from Asia, Oceana, Australia, Central America, South America, and Mexico. If you would like to schedule a virtual chat with me, you can click on a date on the calendar to see the times that I'm available. 

    Virtual Chats
    If you don't see a time that works with your schedule, click here to send me an email and we'll find a time that works for you. This time can be used either for an informal information gathering chat, or your admissions interview. You do not need to have anything prepared except questions. Parents and other family members are welcome to attend.  

    Visits at Community Colleges 
    If you're a student at McHenry County College, Elgin Community College, or Triton College, I'll be visiting this semester! You may sign up for an individual appointment with me in advance on the days that I will be coming to campus. 

    I'm looking forward to connecting one way or another!

    Melanie Julison

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