Molly Noyed's Admissions Chats

    Hello, I'm Molly, your admissions counselor if you are a first-year student:
    • In the US states of California, New Mexico, Oregon, or Washington
    • At a United World College (UWC)
    • In a US territory
    If you do not see your location listed above, that's okay! You may simply navigate to this page to schedule a meeting with my colleague that works with your region. If you are a transfer student, please also use the above link. Though I oversee international admissions, the only international students I work with are those who attend a UWC.

    If you applied Early Action II or Early Decision II and do not see interview availability for a bit, that is okay. All grayed out days are ones where my interviews have filled. I offer about 15 each week but due to high demand, they fill up almost immediately. Green days still have availability. If you are a UWC student who would like to speak with a colleague of mine that has sooner availability, please navigate to this page to speak with Lexie Nogulich. I will not review your application until you have an interview.

    Virtual Chats
    Please note that all slots are listed in Central Standard Time (CST). Use the time zone converter found here:

    If you still don't see a time that works with your schedule, click here to send me an email and we'll find a time that works for you. This time can be used either for an informal information gathering chat, or your admissions interview. You do not need to have anything prepared except questions.

    If you are an admitted student with questions about next steps, wonderful! I look forward to it.

    You will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link upon registration.

    Until then,

    Molly Noyed
    Senior Associate Director of Admissions, International Recruitment
    (847) 735-5017

    P.S. Another reminder that all slots are listed in Central Standard Time (CST). This is two hours earlier than Pacific Standard Time (PST). Please consult your calendar accordingly, and use as needed.
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